Self Care

Speak Free has a committee made up of people from the Ellington community. We all have a personal connection with mental health & understand how difficult the journey can be. That is why self-care is essential. This tab will be updated with tips on practicing self-care & media to inspire practicing self-care.

Ellington Youth Services created a great Self Care Resource Guide, with all-things-self care. Click to download Be Kind to Your Mind

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Self-Care Plan

It’s a good idea to create your own Self Care Plan for moments of feeling hopeless or alone.

Example of Self Care Plan

β€œMy experience with self-care is like a cycle of β€œtreat myself” and β€œI’m tired, I don’t need it.” In those times of low motivation, I say that I have to take the time for myself if I want to be the best for my family…pretty much telling myself that I can’t be guilty about doing something that will make me better at helping my loved ones (even if it’s getting my nails or hair done-haha)!”

-Ellington resident, anonymous.