Share Your Story

We are asking members of our community to come together to bring awareness to mental health: to share experiences, stories, & hope. Share your story to inspire others to have courage to do the same.

We understand that the thought of sharing your story can be intimidating & overwhelming. You share whatever you feel comfortable with.

The word “Story” can be whatever you want it to be… an experience you have with mental health that you would like to share, no matter how short or long.

How to share

First step

Jot and write down, or record your thoughts & experiences

If you need help gathering your thoughts and taking the first step, or help with recording please feel free to reach out to a committee member.

Second step

Submit these 3 things:

  1. your recording or writings
  2. these forms {filled out} FORM#1 & FORM#2
  3. any photos you would like to include

Send all this to Kayla at

Want to share anonymously?

Want to share your story but are not ready to attach your name or photos? We totally understand! You have the option to share anonymously through this google form:

Questions? Contact us!

Email Kayla at